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KitchenAid Mixer Repair

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KitchenAid Mixer Repair Wichita

If you own a Kitchenaid mixer, it’s quite possible that it’s the appliance you prize over all the rest! Don’t miss out on your baking joys with a mixer that’s not functioning properly. Our techs will get you back to mixing and baking in no time!

Common KitchenAid mixer symptoms:

  • Mixer won’t turn on
  • Mixer rattles or makes a lot of noise
  • Mixer won’t spin
  • Mixer will only work at certain speeds
  • Mixer is leaking oil

KitchenAid mixers normally stop spinning its stand mixer due to a defective worm gear. We specialize in repairing these and can get yours back working. Unfortunately teeth can wear out over time and cause your KitchenAid mixer to make a loud internal grinding noise. 

Repairing a leaking KitchenAid stand mixer could mean accessing the gearbox, removing the old grease, adding new grease and reassembling the unit. Only a small disassembly of the machine is required to access the mixing gear and you can be sure your mixer will be repaired.