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Oven Repair

Call us today to schedule a repair. In most cases, we can schedule your appointment within 24-48 hours.

Oven Repair Wichita

The kitchen is a common gathering place, and your oven is often at the center of those events. Ensure you always have a properly functioning oven or cooktop by having us take care of any issues you may encounter. Even if it’s a holiday, we’ll get right out to you to help you make sure your holiday meal is served hot and on schedule. We do not charge extra fees for coming out on weekends, evenings, or holidays!

Common oven & cooktop problems:

  • Oven, stove/cooktop, or range won’t heat
  • Error codes displayed on the oven, stove/cooktop, or range
  • ​Oven or range not self-cleaning properly
  • Oven, stove/cooktop, or range sparking or catching fire
  • Oven, stove/cooktop, or range making unusual noises 
  • Oven, stove/cooktop, or range pilot light won’t ignite or stay lit
  • Oven or range door is broken or stuck
  • Erratic or uncontrolled oven, stove/cooktop, or range temperatures
  • Oven or range broiler isn’t working
  • No display on the oven, stove/cooktop, or range
  • Gas smell from the oven, stove/cooktop, or range

We are highly skilled professionals and can provide excellent service, while being able to provide the necessary parts to fix your oven. With the help of our team, we will make sure that we can extend the life of your oven if possible. 

In most cases, repair is much cheaper than the cost of replacement, and there is a good chance that we will be able to repair it quickly. Today, appliances are used more frequently and people use their ovens more often to prepare healthy meals. Prolonging the life of your oven requires proper maintenance, especially when it comes to older appliances.

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