• Please be sure to clear the area around your appliance of any debris so that the technician can have a safe and pleasant environment in which to work. This includes emptying dishwashers of dishes and laundry appliances of clothes.
  • If you have a pest problem (mice, bugs, etc.), please resolve that issue before we come out for our appointment. There are two reasons for this:
    • It’s in your best interest to have the pests removed from your home prior to an appliance repair because those pests love to live in warm appliances. There’s a very good chance that your appliance problem was caused by those same pests and they will cause the problem again if they are still there. This will help you to avoid multiple repairs.
    • We do not want to spread pests from one home to another. As such, we must be careful to avoid exposure to such pests.
  • If your troublesome appliance is a refrigerator, please be sure to leave it plugged in. Often people will unplug them, thinking they’re helping the technician by de-icing the unit. However, our technicians need to see the unit in its full state. Often the ice pattern or other clues help with diagnosis.
  • We cannot work on an appliance that a customer has already taken apart or worked on in any capacity. This causes a liability that our company cannot take on. If you have already tried to fix it yourself, we will not be able to help.


We schedule all of our calls within three-hour blocks. We will call you when we are headed to your home to let you know that we’re on our way to you. Please be sure to watch for and to answer that call. If we do not receive an answer from you, we have to assume that no one is available and we will not come out. We have to do this in order to keep our appointments with all customers and to keep our costs down for our customers.

Service calls

Able & Ready Appliance Repair offers repair services in the greater Wichita, KS area for both residential and commercial customers. For the price of our service call fee, our technician will come to your home, diagnose your machine, and discuss repair or replacement options for you.

We believe you shouldn’t pay us to show up AND pay us to fix your appliance. As such, our service fee will only be charged if you elect not to repair the appliance. Should you choose to have a repair done, the service call fee is waived, so you end up paying for only the repair.

Our service fee covers the cost of having our technician come to your home, diagnose the appliance, and give you an exact quote for the cost of the repair. We set our charging policy to be “either/or;” we charge either the service call fee, or the cost of repair, your choice.

Charge rate

We do not charge an hourly rate like a plumber or electrician. Instead, we use the national job rate guide, “The Original Blue Book Major Appliance Job Rate Guide,” which is the national industry standard for job rate pricing. Using this tool, we are able to give you a quote for the exact cost of the job, after our in-person diagnosis, before any work is performed.


All of our repairs come with a guarantee. If the repair is labor-only work (no parts needed), that comes with a full 90-day warranty. For any parts-replacement repairs, we offer a one-year warranty on parts and labor for the work done. However, where our warranty stands above the rest, is that we don’t simply warranty the work we did that day. Instead, we warranty the entire appliance for the entirety of that year at cost. That means you have our full assurance that we not only did our best work on your appliance but we also feel confident that your appliance is well worth repairing and that you are investing your money wisely.

An example of this warranty

Your washing machine breaks and you call us out to repair it. We determine it needs a new drain pump and install the part. If that pump were to go out within the next 12 months, we’ll come back out and replace it for no cost to you. However, six months later your machine is now not working because the lid lock won’t engage. We’ll come out and fix that lid lock at only the cost of doing business, no profit to our business. We can stand behind such an incredible warranty because we do the best work the first time around, leaving you with confidence in both us and your appliance.


Payment is expected at time of service. We accept cash, checks, credit/debit cards, or Venmo. Repairs will not be done without payment at time of service.

Service Areas

Are you a landlord or property manager within the greater Wichita, Ks area? No matter the scale of your organization, our skilled technicians will service your appliances on site to keep you running at top capacity. You strive to provide customers with the best possible service, and we’ll do the same for you.

Able and Ready Appliance Repair in Wichita, Ks