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Ice Maker Repair

Call us today to schedule a repair. In most cases, we can schedule your appointment within 24-48 hours.

Ice Maker Repair Wichita

The convenience of an ice maker is only overshadowed when it’s not working or, even worse, when it’s causing problems in your kitchen. Whether it’s a leak or a lack of ice, you need a prompt fix and we’re ready to help.

We can repair the following common ice maker symptoms:

  • Ice maker leaking water
  • Ice maker won’t fill with water
  • Ice maker clogged water filter
  • Ice maker frozen / machine can’t function
  • Ice maker won’t produce ice
  • Ice maker produces “bad” ice (small, misshapen, etc.)
  • Low water pressure in the ice maker 

We have a team of highly competent repair specialists who are professionally trained to successfully repair all types of ice machines. Our team will respond quickly and can’t wait to help you. 

If your ice maker is experiencing problems or is no longer working, we will repair and maintain it in no time at all. You want to be able to work with a company that is trusted, offers quality customer service, and has affordable pricing. We are the perfect company to work with!

Modern ice makers have become increasingly complex, with fully digitized interfaces integrating ice making technology. If your ice machine isn’t working well, it can be for a variety of reasons, but in some cases you will find that it often jams, either because it doesn’t produce any ice at all or simply doesn’t spread ice.

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