Dishwashers – want to save yourself (and us) some time??

Here’s a quick and useful tip that we hope you’ll like. We often receive calls for dishwashers with no power. This is obviously a big problem for the customer! After we walk through the basics with a repair customer about whether a breaker has been tripped or if the unit has somehow come unplugged, there’s another question that most folks don’t know about.

Most newer homes now have a switch under the sink for the power for the dishwasher. It’s not uncommon for the hose from the sink sprayer to catch that switch and turn it off, leaving you with a sink full of dishes. While this is a handy option for quick power on the dishwasher, it’s rather inconvenient that most folks don’t know about the switch. So, before you call your appliance repair technician about your dishwasher power, check under the sink. You just might be able to save yourself the service call fee and get back up and running immediately.

As always, though, if you are in need of a repair, we hope you’ll consider calling Able and Ready Appliance Repair at 316-775-8298. Happy holidays!