To Repair or not to Repair?

People often ask us if it’s worth repairing their appliance as opposed to purchasing a new one. While budgetary decisions are, of course, entirely personal to each homeowner, there are some universal factors to consider:

  • Cost of repair vs. cost of new unit – in general, our recommendation to customers is that if a repair is less than 40% of the cost of a new machine, it’s probably a worthwhile repair. That said, it is important to evaluate that comparison using current pricing, not the price paid for a washer ten years ago. It’s important to be comparing like data in such situations.
  • Worth of repair to you – a repair technician will come to your home to repair your broken appliance. By comparison, when buying a new unit, a customer will have to go to the store, shop around, purchase the new machine, have it delivered (or arrange to get it home), and then have it installed. As consumers, we must ask ourselves, “what’s my time worth?” when making such decisions.
  • Environmental impacts – every time a broken appliance is discarded, that’s more in our landfills. We find that a repair is often not only economical, but also ecological. We strive to fix every appliance that we can so as to help avoid more waste and pollution in our community.

While we certainly want to help you with your appliance repair needs, we fully understand that sometimes buying new is simply the best option. If that’s the route a customer is going to go, we strongly recommend that customers avoid the “big box stores,” and instead purchase from locally-owned appliance stores. The cost may be marginally higher (though it’s often quite similar to those bigger stores), but the service, expertise, and knowledge you’ll receive from such shops will be far superior. Able and Ready Appliance Repair is here to help you through the process – don’t hesitate to call us for help or advice at 316-77-58298.